28Jan 12

Castle Crashers - Great Arcade Game for XBOX 360

A couple of days ago I decided to take a break from all the development work that I'd been doing (such as games, websites, applications etc) and have a browse around in the arcade catalog available on XBOX 360. After a while I came across Castle Crashers and decided that it looked most appealing, so I purchased it.

This is a really fun game for anyone who enjoys:

  1. Side scrollers.
  2. RPGs.
  3. Hack 'n' slash games.

Essentially, Castle Crashers is a hack 'n' slash side-scroller which also has a system for acquiring EXP and building your character of choice.

To begin the game you'll first need to select a character to play. At first there are only 4 characters to chose from, but as you play you'll unlock additional ones, up to a total of 29 (including the 4 you begin with). Each character does the same things (attack, use a basic form of magic, jump, move, etc) but the graphics as well as some other minor features will change across each.

Once you've selected your character, you'll begin your journey which primarily consists of defeating wave after wave of enemies as you move through each level (left to right). As you damage enemies you'll gain EXP which will eventuate in a level increase. Each time you gain a level, you'll gain two points which can be distributed among your four primary stats (up to level 20, at which stage you'll only gain a single point per level):

  1. Strength - affects your melee damage.
  2. Defense - increases your health and reduces the damage you take.
  3. Magic - increases the range of your primary magic skill, the damage done by your magic skills and increases your available mana. Every 5 points on magic will also yield a new magic skill to use.
  4. Agility - affects your movement speed, bow speed and bow damage.

Along the way there are a number of bosses that you will need to defeat, shops which you can buy items from, arenas which allow you to unlock certain characters, new items and pets, many different types of enemies and a long chain of challenges. Completing the game will also unlock new rewards, and the replayability score is in my opinion very high, mainly because of all the different characters you can be.

I recommend giving this game a go - hop onto the arcade and download the trail version if you're not sure, but I'm confident in saying that this is a game anyone can enjoy.
Marty: @ReedArmstrong Now that I have much money (in comparison to when I was unemployed and working on my old website while at school), if you help me out with the levels in my next game again I may be able to ship you one :P 29/Jan
Reed Armstrong: Sure, hopefully you can send some kind of editor my way. I don't have the Memories one any more, sorry. 19/Feb
Marty: I think that editor is extremely outdated ;) 19/Feb
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